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The online cockfighting game is one of the games that makes many people unable to take their eyes off every time the match takes place. So, the founder of the game must be something many of you are looking forward to learning about. The following, FB777 will share with you the most detailed information about CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz – author of FB777 right in the article below! 

Some introduction about the authorFB777 

Bookmarker FB777 launched the online version of cockfighting with the great contribution of Mr CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz. She is known as a website manager FB777 At the same time, he is the person who directly provides all types of betting services and entertainment games for players when participating in online betting at the house FB777.

CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz is a student at University of the Philippines Diliman. She had a passion for learning about technology and writing while still in school. After graduating from university, she followed the path of Content Marketing with the fate of being connected by her colleagues.

She came up with the idea of ​​designing a website to update players with mini game challenges. After that, he developed more attractive types of betting that are hot on the market today. Oanh is the author of the online cockfighting game that you have experienced.

The most detailed information about the author FB777

CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz is the author FB777 – founder of the online cockfighting betting website. She has received the trust and enthusiastic participation of a large number of online communities. Bookmarker FB777 is considered the bookmaker with the most diverse and hottest inventory of betting products today. Privacy policy as well as service quality ofFB777 highly appreciated by many brothers.

To be able to create a reputable website like FB777 Today, the founder of the website must really be a very talented and experienced person who is also very enthusiastic to contribute to the community the most perfect version for players to experience. So you can get information about the author FB777 – CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz, please read more information in the sections of the article below.

About CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz – Author ofFB777

  • CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz born on February 14, 1986
  • Hometown in Quezon City, Philippines.
  • Author CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz‘s usual address is at number Quezon City, Philippines 1200.

Oanh grew up in Quezon City, Philippines. She spent her college years at University of the Philippines Diliman. After spending time and studying hard at University of the Philippines Diliman, she graduated with an excellent degree.

After graduating, she searched for jobs related to Freelance Content for many bookmakers. With hard work, she is currently doing Content Marketing – SEO and managing a reputable online website FB777.

Author’s career FB777 – CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz

Author's career FB777 - CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz
Author’s career FB777 – CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz

Oanh pursued her dream and became an information technology student at University of the Philippines Diliman. CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz always had a passion for technology research and writing while still at university pursuing that passion.

Oanh tried many different jobs. However, her passionate job is still making Freelance Content for online bookmakers. Through this, you have learned a lot of new knowledge about information about the hottest online betting game platform today.

Those gamesCEO Maria Isabelle Cruz, founder at FB777 just shared with you such as: Online cockfighting, online lottery, sports betting, lottery, online fish shooting and casino games such as Sicbo, Poker, Baccarat,… These are all useful sources of information for you. Players can refer to and choose their favorite game when participating in betting.

How to contact the author FB777 CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz

So players can contact the author FB777 Oanh how? You can absolutely contact her through the following details.

  • Email: 
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Tk Telegram:
  • Trang Website: 

Above are sources of information to contact the author FB777 for those of you who want to learn aboutCEO Maria Isabelle Cruz. With the contact information just mentioned above, players can completely contact us when they have questions that need Oanh to answer for them.

Take a look at the successes that bookmaker FB777 has achieved

Bookmaker FB777 is led, managed and developed by the talented CEO, CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz, so it quickly achieved certain successes. Currently, the bookmaker has affirmed its solid position and reached the top of the most reliable addresses in the Philippine market. Besides, author CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz FB777 also won many prestigious awards. May be mentioned as:

  • Top 100 reputable online websites.
  • Top 10 advanced and modern enterprises.
  • Top 10 reputable bookmakers in Asia.

The above achievements are clear evidence of prestige, professionalism and always putting customers’ interests first. At the same time, we are also committed to constantly innovating and improving the quality of the experience so that players do not get bored and do not feel regret.

Experts constantly search and add many new products to meet the needs of many members. Besides, author CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz also attach great importance to the security of customer information. Ensuring transparency in all betting, entertainment and transaction activities.

The author’s activities CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz and FB777 in the future

The author's activities CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz and FB777 in the future
The author’s activities CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz and FB777 in the future

To understand more about this author and the bookmaker, you can refer to her planned future activities below:

FB777 bookmaker development strategy of CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz

It can be said that CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz is one of the dedicated and talented young authors in the Philippine online entertainment industry. As mentioned, she has 10 years of experience in this field, making a great contribution to the strong development of the house today.

  • One of the biggest successes of bookmaker FB777 is that many people trust and choose it. Her strategies and plans always bring high efficiency and focus on customer experience and feelings. Some of Dieu Linh’s upcoming innovation strategies include:
  • Focus on investing strongly in modern technologies and software. Bringing a smooth betting experience to customers. At the same time, we also add quality products and services for you to choose from.
  • Train and coach staff to serve customers thoughtfully, enthusiastically and with satisfaction.
  • Cooperate with many reputable game publishers, expanding scale to the European market.

Above is the most detailed information we have just shared about the author FB777 – CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz. Hopefully, the above information can help new players or players who do not know about the author of the online cockfighting bookmaker FB777 to get the information.

Faced with fierce competition in the betting market, the brands casino online must create uniqueness in their products and put the interests of players first to attract more people to join. That's why CEO Maria Isabelle Cruz created a quality playground that is FB777. Please visit the following link now to participate:
⭐️ First and last name: Maria Isabelle Cruz
⭐️ Year of Birth: 28/10/1993
⭐️ Work address: 8 Lands, Diliman, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila, Philippines
⭐️ Phone number: +639859679999
⭐️ Email: [email protected]
⭐️ Facebook:
⭐️ Twitter: